Moving House Tips

Moving House Tips


Parking & Access.

It is essential on moving day to ensure driveways are kept clear of cars and skips. Parking dispensation should be arranged before the day of the removal if this will be required.

A space outside your house needs to be saved the night before to ensure the removals vehicles will be able to park directly outside your home on the day of your removal.

Disconnection of appliances and other goods.

You should arrange for a professional to disconnect any appliances that are connected to the mains electricity, gas or water supply. We also advise that a professional take down any wall-mounted TVs. Any wiring that is disconnected should be clearly labelled and secured together.


Unless quoted for all Fixtures, fittings, shelving, mirrors, towel rails, curtain rails, blinds, trampolines, sheds, garden swings/climbing frames etc. should be dismantled down into manageable sections prior to our arrival. Ensure you keep screws and fittings together and label them clearly.

Personal Items.

Please ensure any items you do not require our staff to move are collated in a specific area prior to your removal and that you inform the staff of these goods. Ensure all documents you made need are in a safe place including passports and drivers licenses.


Check all keys work for doors, windows, garages, sheds etc. and they are kept together with any alarm codes so they can be handed to the new householder. Ensure any keys that relate to your furniture such as clock keys and filer keys are kept safe during your removal. (We don’t want them to get lost).


As doors usually remain open during your removal we would advise all pets are taken to a boarding company or a friends/relatives house throughout your removal.



Electrical Equipment:

Ensure all ink cartridges have been removed from printers and all batteries have been removed from remote controls and toys.


Should your appliances require storing, fridges and fridge/freezers should be thoroughly defrosted, cleaned and dried prior to removal to store.

Final checks at the end of your removal:

Prior to leaving your old home, it is essential to carry out one final check to ensure all your goods are on the van. Remember to check all wardrobes, cupboards, cellar and lofts.

After we have delivered all your goods to your new home it is again essential to check that the vehicle is empty and we have left nothing on the van. Also, ensure you are happy with where your furniture has been positioned. When you are happy a member of our staff will ask you to sign the road removal order to re-iterate your satisfaction.

The rest will be over to you to begin life at your new home.


Removals Vehicles:

We have a large range of removals vehicles to suit all our customer’s removal needs. Our vans are clean and maintained regularly.

  • Each van is equipped with blankets, rails and ties to secure your furniture during transportation for safe removal.
  • Two-wheel trucks and dolly trucks are also on each vehicle to help with the safe transportation of your goods.
  • Specialist piano trucks are equipped where required.

Packing Materials:

Should you choose to pack yourself, we can supply a range of packaging materials to assist you at unbeatable prices, we can supply double-walled cardboard cartons, bubble wrap, tape and plain paper, we can also supply polythene furniture covers. If you need any materials all you need to do is give us a call, on 0161 236 2374.

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