House Moving Guide

House moving Guide


Before You Move

Disconnect your appliances, as our staff are not authorised to disconnect items such as cookers and washing machines. We recommend that you organise this with a plumber/service engineer.

Heavy Items

Storage heaters require the bricks removing prior to your house moving. Freezers can be removed full, however, manufacturers recommend that these are emptied and defrosted. Pianos will be moved using specialised piano trucks. Moving of safes can be arranged but


Please ensure that any fixtures or fittings that require removal are taken down prior to our arrival.

Loft Items

These items should be brought onto the bedroom level in readiness.


Swings, climbing frames and sheds etc. should be dismantled in advance. We would recommend that you retain any fixtures and fittings.


These would be delivered in advance of your house moving and should be labelled clearly, ensuring that both top and bottom of the cartons are secured with tape. Ensure these cartons are packed, with both heavy and light items and that they are evenly distributed.

Self Assembly Furniture

Ideally, these should be dismantled prior to your house moving. However, the staff can undertake this service at an additional cost.


  • Electricity, gas and water suppliers
  • Telephone companies
  • Rates Department/s
  • Post Office – re-direct mail (complete form P9449 to arrange this at least one week before)
  • Amend TV licences
  • Pension books if applicable
  • Schools
  • Medical
  • Insurance companies
  • DVLA
  • Banks
  • Employer

Hooleys House Removals Guide. 

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